Thursday, May 30, 2013

More on Spybuck

Sources of some info on Spybuck:
See Dawson's William Henry Harrison, pp. 416-419; Draper Mss. 17S75; 17S270-272; 11YY37; 3YY103; William Cochran McGaw's "James Kirker," appearing in vol. 5 of The Mountain Men, edited by Leroy R. Hafen, pp. 138-40; THE SCALP HUNTER IN THE BORDERLANDS. 1835-1850, by Ralph A. Smith.

Spybuck "acted more like a white man than an Indian," people said, and his family was white enough that most people took them for whites.  A Shawnee told Draper (in 1YY) that "Spybuck married the half-breed daughter of Col. Barbee of Kentucky, "a fine looking woman."

The list of monies paid to Shawnees for the improvements made and life behind on their Ohio property shows that Spybuck must have been relatively wealthy by the standards of the time.  Two of his sons or brothers who carried the names Young Spybuck and John Spybuck went with Capt. Joseph Parks to Florida to scout against the Seminole.  George Spybuck, their brother, had married a Wyandot and was still in Ohio during the Seminole War.

I give a bit of their extended familes from census records in Indian Blood, vol. I.

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